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Are you feeling lost, confused, or stressed? Have you forgotten your own greatness? The Legacy Primer is a free tool that gives you:

  • CLARITY around what's next for you

  • UNWAVERING BELIEF in yourself


  • THE EMOTIONAL ROCKET FUEL you need to take action

This 5-minute audio file (mp3) strategically coaches you out of any funk and into your power. It's that simple. Use it daily or any time you feel disempowered.


Gain Laser Focus

You have a unique gift to offer this world. The path is already unfolding before you whether you believe that or not. The Legacy Primer allows you to tune out the noise of the world and any negative chatter in your head. You'll get present to your higher self and go on a guided journey into your future. You'll explore the larger context for your life and gain insights on what you need to focus on now (today!) to move yourself in the right direction.

Be Unstoppable

It's easy to forget how much power you innately possess. Do you believe you are a gift to this world? Do you believe that you can achieve anything? If you're like most people, you have barriers around what you believe is possible. Use this audio primer to crush any thoughts in your way. Get present to the innate powers you possess by virtue of being human. Reconnect to yourself. Reconnect to your achievements big and small. Reclaim your confidence and belief in yourself so you have the confidence to move forward to accomplish your dreams.

Get What You Want

The only thing that's truly in the way is you. But that's good news, because you can work with that. What's between you and the life you want is: 1) Believing in yourself +  2) Taking enough of the right actions.  The Legacy Primer supports you in both. The music is specifically engineer and paired with a specific sequence of coaching that gives you the emotional ammunition you need to get in action. It makes you feel inspired, enlivened and motivated.You will open your heart to yourself and the world of endless possibility you live inside of.

How to use the Legacy Primer MP3

Use this tool daily or whenever you feel stressed, a loss or power, or lack of clarity. You will go on a guided journey that explores your unique gifts and the unique vision for your life. You'll take five minutes to tune out the world around you and you'll break free from any negative thoughts you have running, and that are causing you to feel any source of emotional struggle.

When you get that you are a divine being that is here to make a difference by offering your unique talents to the world, you'll find you transition quickly out of any struggle, expand your focus, and what to do NOW becomes clear.

Listen to the Legacy Primer. Discover the next steps for you. Learn that life doesn't have to be a struggle. And that when you tune into your higher self, the steps to take are easy.

And when you take them, you will be shocked at how the Universe seems to support everything you do. With the Legacy Primer as your ammunition you might feel you can bend the very laws of reality itself.

Be Your Best Self. Live Your Best Life.


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